Tigereye Gem Tree on Petrified Wood


TIGEREYE is used to increase wealth and vitality. It enhances courage, brings passion and physical strength. It allows these attributes to be tempered with mental clarity and a joyful outlook.

Gemstone: Tigereye
Quantity of Gems: 125
Trunk & Branches: created with Gold jewelry wire
Base: A natural Petrified Wood collected in New Mexico. Fallen Tigereye “leaves” adorn the base.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height: 7″
Width: 5″
Depth: 5″
Weight: 11.9 oz

Metaphysical Properties of your Gem Tree
(and other interesting stuff)


  • Sharpens perceptions
  • Increases awareness
  • Prosperity
  • Obtaining courage and confidence

TIGEREYE has been used as an aid to treat:

  • Eye disorders
  • Stress related illnesses
  • Throat ailments
  • Reproductive organs

CHAKRA: 2nd, Sacral ~and~ 3rd, Solar Plexus

Because tigereye has strong protective qualities, one excellent placement of this stone is near the front door or a big window. You can also place tigereye in children’s rooms.

Additional Stone Info:

* MOHS hardness = 7
* Zodiac stone of: Leo, Capricorn
* Planet association: Sun
* Element: Fire
* 18th Anniversary gemstone

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