Carnelian Agate Gem Tree on Wonderstone

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CARNELIAN is known as “The Actor’s Stone”. It is a gem stone of creativity, individuality, and courage.

Gemstone: Carnelian Agate
Quantity of Gems: 125
Trunk & Branches: created with 24ga Gold jewelry wire
Base: A natural Wonderstone collected from Utah.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height: 7″
Width: 4.75″
Depth: 3.5″
Weight: 9.2 oz

Metaphysical Properties of your Gem Tree
(and other interesting stuff)


  • Sexuality
  • Creative Visualization
  • Stimulates Emotions
  • Increased fertility
  • Reproduction

CARNELIAN has been used as an aid to treat:

  • Low back problems
  • Arthritis
  • Female reproduction problems
  • Lungs, Asthma

CHAKRA: 2nd, Sacral

Carnelian stimulates a deep love and appreciation for the beauty and gifts of the earth. Carnelian is used in the Center area of your room or space for harmony and balance. It can also be used in the South area for success, in the West area for creativity, and in the Southeast area for self worth.

Additional Stone Info:

* MOHS hardness = 7
* Zodiac stone of: Taurus
* Planet Association: Sun
* Element: Fire
* Ancient Birthstone of: August


  1. Robert W Knudsen Jr says

    The colors of the base and the gems are outstanding

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