Black Agate Gem Tree on Red Granite

Black Agate on red granite

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BLACK AGATE is a grounding and protective crystal. It balances the physical, spiritual, and intellectual energies. It is used for protection, courage, and success.

Gemstone: Black Agate
Quantity of Gems: 110
Trunk & Branches: created with 24ga Silver jewelry wire

Base: A natural red granite found in northern Wisconsin. The base is adorned with “fallen” agate “leaves”.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height: 5.75″
Width: 5″
Depth: 4″
Weight: 5.8 oz

Metaphysical Properties of your Gem Tree
(and other interesting stuff)


  • Periods of bereavement
  • Promotes inner strength
  • Helps keep the peace in stressful households
  • Promotes courage
  • Increases concentration and clarity

BLACK AGATE has been used as an aid to treat:

  • Alleviate bone and joint issues
  • Eases pains in shoulder and neck
  • Disorders of the pancreas
  • Improves circulation

CHAKRA: 1st, Root/Base

Agate is used anywhere in your home to help bring change. Use in the Center for balance and health, in the West for children, and in the East for community and family.

Additional Stone Info:

* MOHS hardness = 7
* Zodiac stone of: Capricorn, Scorpio

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