Abalone MINI Gem Tree on Coral and Sand Dollars

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Also known as “Sea Ears”, ABALONE has been used in jewelry and spiritual ceremonies for ages by native American Indians. Relating to the Water Element, it vibrates love, gentleness, compassion, and peace.

Gemstone: Abalone
Quantity of Gems: 55
Trunk & Branches: created with 24ga Antique Brass Artistic wire
Base: a natural coral collected from Cayman Brac island in the Caribbean which sits on a bed of sand dollars. White sand is adhered to the base.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height: 4.5″
Width: 4.75″
Depth: 4″
Weight: 5.3 oz

Metaphysical Properties of your Gem Tree
(and other interesting stuff)


  • Stimulates psychic development
  • Aids intuition
  • Promotes imagination
  • Helps calm emotions during deep healing
  • Supports growth of Self

ABALONE has been used as an aid to treat:

  • Relieves stress
  • Relieves arthritis
  • Joint disorders
  • Muscular problems
  • Digestive system

CHAKRA: 4th, Heart ~ 6th, Third Eye

An excellent placement for Abalone is in your bedroom and/on your night stand. This location allows for deep emotional healing while you sleep.

Also beneficial when used in the Southwest area of your home or space for Relationships and in the West area for children.

Additional Stone Info:

* MOHS hardness = 2.5

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